PulseFundMe allows you to start a sacrifice/donation campaign on the PulseChain blockchain for $0 cost & with complete transparency.

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No Coding Skills Necessary

PulseFundMe includes a simple user-friendly interface, allowing anyone, regardless of their coding ability, to run their own donation campaign on-chain.

Raise Funds With No Middlemen

Unlike crypto launchpads, or other similar fundraising services that charge a commission to facilitate the transaction, PulseFundMe is 100% free-to-use.

PulseFundMe Explained
By The Developer


Visit PulseFundMe

Go to PulseFundMe.netlify.app/ & sign in to the website with your preferred crypto wallet such as Metamask.


Start A Campaign

After your wallet is signed in, click on the "Create a campaign" button & fill out the details of your sacrifice.


Promote Campaign

PulseFundMe is a simple fund raising dApp & is not designed to promote your page, you must do that yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

This dApp was designed as a public service to help new project owners on PulseChain, or any PulseChain user in general, start a fundraising campaign that's entirely on-chain, with no further requirements or promises.

Yes, everything you do on PulseFundMe is free of charge, there are no hidden taxes.

PoNWDev, a pseudo-anonymous solo developer with a background in economics, finance & cryptocurrency speculation.

I don't. Again, this is a public service. The only people making anything are those who run the campaigns.

No, PulseFundMe is only made to accept $PLS, PulseChain's native coin. However, if the campaigner agrees, you can simply copy the campaigner's PulseChain address & deposit PRC20s to their addresses via your own wallets. But keep in mind that these transactions will not be displayed on the dApp.

Reach out to the Dev or the Proof of No Work community on Twitter or Telegram (links in navbar & footer).

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