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Harness the power of trustless on-chain yield generation, compound interest, & hyper-deflation to maximize your earning potential unlike ever before.

What is Proof of No Work & PoNW Token?

Proof of No Work is a new hyper-deflationary cryptocurrency model featuring PoNW token on the PulseChain blockchain. $PoNW is an automatic reflection token that generates yield entirely on-chain via a 3% transaction tax, where 2% is automatically reflected (redistributed) proportionately to existing holders & 1% is burned.


The burn wallet receives 33% of the supply day one & is NOT excluded from reflections, accelerating the burn. 1% of each transaction is also burned, further increasing the deflation.

Your Keys, Your Crypto

The contract will be renounced soon after deployment & the dev has no access to anyone's funds. Reflections occur automatically on-chain, distributed by the smart contract.

Designed To Go Up

While no one can guarantee price appreciation, $PoNW can guarantee that your balance of PoNW tokens will increase with each transaction on-chain.  

How to get $PoNW

$PoNW will be available exclusively on PulseX, PulseChain's most liquid AMM exchange.


Fund your wallet 

You will need some PulseChain ($PLS) or PulseX ($PLSX) to swap for $PoNW. To acquire some $PLS or $PLSX tokens, visit

Select the PoNW/PLS Pair

Once your wallet is funded with $PLS or $PLSX, select the $PoNW/$PLS or $PoNW/$PLSX pair & enter the amount of tokens you'd like to swap for.

Set Slippage to 4% & Swap

Because there is a 3% tax on all transactions, you must set your slippage higher than the default of 1% to roughly 4%. 

PoNW Features

Rewards Self-custody

$PoNW requires you to hold your private keys in order to receive reflection rewards, which helps protect users from counter-party risk.

Earn Passively

Unlike staking, which requires you to pay gas fees & monitor your account to receive yield, $PoNW automatically deposits rewards into your account.

8th wonder of the world

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn't, pays it.” 
- Albert Einstein

Why Launch On PulseChain?

Richard Heart HEX
Richard Heart
The Founder

Richard Heart is the founder of $HEX, PulseChain & PulseX. He's one of the most intelligent people in crypto & is known for his active community, as well as his teachings about the 1st principles of crypto & proper self-custody of your assets.

Low Fees
Low Fees
~1,000,000x Cheaper Transactions

PulseChain solves Ethereum's fee issue by massively increasing the supply of $PLS, making each coin worth less. This allows the blockchain to charge similar amounts of $PLS as $ETH for transactions, but the USD value of each swap is much less. 

PulseChain Community
Huge Community
The Largest Airdrop of All Time

$HEX has one of the most active communities in crypto, & PulseChain is mostly comprised of HEXicans. Combined with the vampire attack being committed on $ETH, & PulseChain has potential to be one of the largest communities in crypto.

Smart Users
Diamond Handed HODLers

Richard Heart has conditioned his followers to be willing to delay gratification. These people understand the power in buying & holding a crypto with product-market-fit & upside potential. Ideal users for any new project.

The Proof of No Work Ecosystem

PoNW Token Logo
Proof of No Work Token

An automatic reflection token with hyper-deflationary tokenomics, no admin keys, & no hidden fees.

PulseFundMe logo
PulseFundMe Launchpad

An entirely free-to-use launchpad/donation platform built exclusively for the PulseChain.

Your Keys Your Crypto NFTs
Your Keys Your Crypto

A 5,555 piece NFT collection, made as a tribute to Richard Heart & his teachings about self-custody.

The HEX Vampire NFTs
The HEX Vampire

A warning to all HEXicans to not be tricked by those seeking to vampire attack their community.

YKYC Rarity Tool
$YKYC Rarity Tool

A blockchain app that allows you to filter & sort the $YKYC collection by the unique rarities of each attribute.

$VAMP Rarity Tool
$VAMP Rarity Tool

A blockchain app that allows you to filter & sort the $VAMP collection by the unique rarities of each attribute.

AMA's With The Founder

AMA about the $YKYC Collection with Mati Allin

AMA about the $VAMP collection & PoNW with HEXrayVision

Frequently Asked Questions

Most cryptos rely on inflation of the native token to distribute rewards to users, which dilutes & ultimately harms savers. Many also have taxes or other negative externalities (such as miners of the Bitcoin blockchain or SafeMoons destructive swapandliquify function) that harm the users. But in $PoNW, users are protected & incentivized to save, as the 3% tax goes only to existing token holders & the burn wallet (a dead address no one has access to), offering passive yield to holders.

For a variety of reasons, but most notably, because their communities are small & often lose interest in a project quickly. Project founders often don't provide unique value of any kind, which causes users to venture elsewhere. Also, the above-mentioned swapandliquify function, which is present in the majority of reflection tokens, causes unintended inherent sell pressure that is not adequately offset by reflections. So when your chart is built to go down and to the right, its hard to onboard new users, let alone maintain your existing ones. $PoNW removed this function from its contract entirely.

PoNWDev, a pseudo-anonymous solo developer with a background in economics, finance & cryptocurrency speculation.

Nothing about these projects are in any way intended to scam anyone. I was inspired to create everything after witnessing many flaws in the current economic system, both in the physical world & the crypto world. I believe I have solved the glaring economic flaw in most reflection tokens, & I want to share these ideas with the world, in an effort to help people stop getting scammed in the reflection token space. I am under the opinion that if you were to take $PoNW's economic model & compare it to any of the most popular reflection tokens ever, $PoNW would outperform every one of them if everything were equal (average volume, transaction size, holders, etc.). It would be a scam if I were to promise you price appreciation of your tokens, I'm not doing that. The only thing that is promised to appreciate in the $PoNW ecosystem is your account balance (and even that comes with the caveat that there must be volume to receive reflections).

To harness the power of hyper-deflation, as well as compound interest & to earn free tokens passively by simply practicing proper self-custody of your crypto assets. All crypto assets can go up & down in price at any time, but whether $PoNW goes up or down, you will still earn free tokens via the automatic reflection model. Plus with each transaction, you earn both a larger percentage holding of the circulating supply, & a larger percentage of each reflection, as the circulating supply is constantly being decreased. Meanwhile your account balance is constantly being increased. The best of both worlds.

Reach out to the Dev or the Proof of No Work community on Twitter or Telegram (links in navbar & footer).

Proof of No Work

A new hyper-deflationary economic model, where the less you do, the more you make

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