$PoNW Token Sacrifice


Only sacrifice from a wallet where you hold the private keys, such as MetaMask.

If you were to be airdropped PoNW, it may go to the address you sacrificed from.

Do Not Sacrifice anything other than the approved tokens listed below.

Sacrifice with any of these tokens; you can sacrifice more than once: $HEX, $pHEX, $HDRN, $ICSA, $PLSX, $PLS, $ETH, $BNB, $MATIC.

If you sacrifice anything other than the approved tokens or send them to the wrong address, you will receive no sacrifice points & your assets will not be refunded.

Sacrifice points are calculated in ETH (1 point = 1 ETH). If you sacrifice with anything other than ETH, the daily high price of your token will be compared against the daily low price of ETH to determine your sacrifice points. This will allow you to take advantage of the volatility of Crypto prices & attempt to get the most points possible.

Sacrifice address:

Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

You simply copy the sacrifice address (coming soon) & deposit either $HEX, $pHEX, $HDRN, $ICSA, $PLSX, $PLS, $ETH, $BNB, or $MATIC to it. You can sacrifice multiple different cryptos from the same address & sacrifice multiple times.

PoNW will likely launch weeks after PulseChain mainnet goes live, as PulseChain appears to be ready to debut imminently.

PoNW token will be airdropped & start valueless. The community of holders will be responsible for providing the initial liquidity & whatever PoNW is priced at is beyond the devs control. Hopefully, the community learned from the mistakes of projects like XEN token, which debuted at a highly overvalued price & will set the initial price at a reasonable fair value. 

By sacrificing your crypto, YOU ARE NOT BUYING PoNW. You give your crypto away & sacrifice it as a political statement. Once you have done that, you do not own it anymore. Never expect profit from the work of others. Whoever owns your crypto after you sacrificed it does not work for you.

You may be airdropped free PoNW tokens without any value based on your total sacrifice points. PulseChain & PulseX conducted a similar sacrifice phase months ago to distribute it's native token PLS & AMM token PLSX.

Reach out to the Dev or the Proof of No Work community on Twitter or Telegram (links in navbar & footer).

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